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Bed Bug Treatments and General Pest Control

General Pest Control

General pest control is for the prevention and or treatment of spiders, ants  bees, silverfish and more. The chemicals used are totally safe for your family and pets. The General pest control treatment is a residual treatment. The initial treatment will kill pest that are present and come in contact with the residue. No preparation needed before a general pest control spray. A General pest control treatment should be scheduled monthly, or quarterly after the initial treatment to maintain a pest free home. Treatments available are ...

  • Monthly Pest Control 
  • Quarterly Pest Control 
  • One Time Pest Control

Specialized Treatments for Roaches, Mice, and Fleas also available .

Termite and Pest Control

Termite and Pest Control is the prevention and or treatment of all General Pest and Termites. This is a Quarterly Treatment Plan that is to be paid once a year. A initial treatment price will be given and then a renewable price every year following.

Bedbugs Treatment and Prevention Plan

Bed Bug treatments involve a thorough treatment of liquid sprays with pesticides and  insect growth regulators. A treatment plan will be determined at time of Inspection. 

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Termite Inspections (WDI)

Whether  you selling or buying a home, refinancing, or just want to be sure your home is free of Wood destroying Insects. We can Help! We work with hundreds of Real Estate agents across all of Ohio. Prices will vary due to size of home or structure. We have highly trained and educated (WDI)Termite Inspectors. 

Mosquito Control Plans

Now offering Mosquito Control. 

Mosquito Control Plans are designed to help reduce the Mosquito population by treating the resting and breeding sites around your property. Custom plans are designed for you and your property. 


Termite Inspection (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection)

Prices will vary due to size of home or structure. We have highly trained and educated WDI ( Termite Inspectors). 

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Termite Treatment

Visual Inspection and Estimate Required.
We at Elite Termite and Pest Control use a combination of Advance® Termite Bait System with Termidor® Foam Termiticide/Insecticide is used to combine the best results at taking care of your home. No job is the same , we take pride in making sure we meet the specific needs of each treatment.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Visual Inspection and Estimate Required.
Most carpenter ant treatments consist of tracking powders being placed in walls, cracks near or around the areas with carpenter ant activity. In some cases walls will need drilled and dusted in wall cavities, those holes will be patched with drywall mud . We do not sand or paint those areas after treatment. Then exterior of the home is treated to prevent reinfestation. 

Carpenter Bee Treatment

Visual Inspection and Estimate Required.
Carpenter bee treatments consist of tracking powders applied to the exit holes and treatment of the wood with spray to prevent further infestations. 

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Mice Treatments

Our thoroughly trained technicians will evaluate your home for any mouse problems. We come up with the best solution suitable for your needs. Don't waste time and money on over-the-counter remedies Call us today.

Carpenter Bees

 Like other types of wood burrowing insects , carpenter bees can cause problems for home or business owners. Carpenter bee  can cause cosmetic damage and in severe infestations, over time, they can lead to structural damage.


Chris has been my go to pest control for about 10 years now. Always on point! Always satisfied ! *Randi Gaines

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Carpenter Ants

Want to save? Join one of our many Quarterly or Monthly Plans and keep your home pest free all year long. 

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can and do thrive  in single-family homes, apartments, hospitals, college dorm rooms, office buildings, schools, buses, trains, movie theaters, retail stores and just about anywhere that humans are. Call today for your FREE Estimate 


Termite mud tubes are pencil-sized tunnels located around termite nests, wood structures, and concrete or stone foundations.Working tube - path between termite nest in soil and wood.